Here you will find all the press articles and reviews about our work and productions.

Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list.


12 June 2014 Context and the postdramatic, Honour Bayes, The Stage (column: Fringe Focus)
3 June 2014 "totally unique and utterly mind-blowing", **** 4 stars Bethan Troakes, Broadway Baby
3 June 2014 "Consistently brilliant performances made the unpalatable palatable...", Nick Aldwinckle, The Argus
25 May 2014 "The actors do a remarkable job..." Isabel Wagner, Bargain Theatre
22 May 2014 "A risky business"- interview with Vanda Butkovic, Exeunt Magazine
14 May 2014 "European theatre is still foreign to us", Andrew Haydon, The Guardian
8 May 2014  "It's an impressive production with a committed cast and brisk direction." Stu Black, Londonist
8 May 2014  "Director Vanda Butkovic tackles Meredith Oakes' wordy English translation with a playful, darkly funny approach.",  Catherine Love,
5 May 2014 "Riding postdramatic theatre in London", - interview with Vanda Butkovic, Like Croatia


27 May 2014 Sports Play voted as one of seven "most joyful" moments in British theatre, Exeunt Magazine
4 November 2013 APS video review of Sports Play
4 November 2013 Jeune Independant review of Sports Play
3 November 2013 Le Midi Libre review of Sports Play
3 November 2013 L'Expression review of Sports Play
October 2013 Various Algerian daily newspapers on Sports Play
25 July 2013 Utrinski Vesnik review of Sports Play at Ohrid Summer Festival, Macedonia
23 July 2013 Radio Slobodna Europa on the premiere of Sports Play at Ohrid Summer Festival, Macedonia
15 July 2013 "a playful and dexterous thing, unflinching and refreshingly unafraid to mess with theatrical convention", A Younger Theatre
4 July 2013  Dramaturg Karen-Jürs-Munby writes about Jelinek's Sports Play in different arenas, Exeunt Magazine
4 August 2012 Remotegoat review
3 August 2012, Olympic critique with Schwarzenger accent, Deutschland Radio review
31 July 2012 "...unlike much of the theatre you'll see in this country..."5 stars *****,Chris Hislop,One Stop Arts
23 July 2012 "A text and production with much to admire..." Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian
17 July 2012  Review from Andrew Haydon on Postcards from the Gods
13 July 2012 "A marathon effort lifted by humour" - Donald Hutera, The Times
12 July 2012 "Elfriede Jelinek: Game on" - Simon Stephens interviews Elfriede Jelinek, The Stage
7 July 2012 Preview in The Guardian


9 May 2011  "The use of studio space has to be applauded...definitely worth seeing." A Younger Theatre
14 March 2013 „…bravely cast…will undoubtedly cause debate on a subject that remains only too topical…“ , British Theatre Guide
13 March 2013 „…well-performed and rivetingly intense theatre…“ Chris Hislop, Fringe Review
12 March 2013 "...vitally potent...careful direction..." Diana Damian, and RozRazil Online
11 March 2013 "Woman Bomb is excellent political theatre, a complex, intelligent play which deserves to be booked solid" Tom Bolton, Londonist
11 March 2013 "The breadth of the subjects being addressed in the play, and the choice of using three actresses ....was clever", Extra! Extra!
11 March 2013 "it leaves strong images and thoughts in your head which is all any of us ask for from good theatre.", Public Reviews 
10 March 2013 “…hard-hitting and shocking….” Corinna Lotz, A World to Win, **** 4 stars


22 May 2014 "A risky business"- interview with Vanda Butkovic, Exeunt
5 May 2014  Interview with Vanda Butkovic, Like Croatia
3 November 2013 Producer Berislav Juraic and actress Delia Remy on the morning show on Canal Algerie
29 October 2013, Interview with Vanda Butkovic and Berislav Juraic, Liberté
25 February 2013 Interview with Berislav Juraic, Like Croatia
5 July 2013 Interview with Vanda Butkovic, Berwickshire News
18 July 2012, Interview with director Vanda Butkovic, Exeunt Magazine
14 July 2012 Interview with Vanda Butkovic and Berislav Juraic introducing Elfriede Jelinek's work, Theatrevoice
8 May 2012, How to set up a theatre company featuring producer Berislav Juraic, Ideas Tap