Just a Must's huge success in Algeria

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Just a Must participated at 5th International Theatre Festival in Bejaia in Algeria from 29 October to 5 November 2013 with its production of Elfriede Jelinek’s Sports Play. The tour was a huge success and all major media reported on our production. Three major daily newspapers reviewed the production.

L’Expression stated : “Just a Must presented a beautiful theatre spectacle rich in lessons taken from everyday modern life”; Le Midi Libre’s theatre critic Idir Ammour said “…the show has managed to capture the audience from the beginning to this world of anger and grumpiness…The actors have efficiently shown their craft and have been inspired by theatre of symbolism…” and finally Le Jeune Independent said that “…this is a remarkable cultural event, a quality show that raised production values…”.

Just a Must was also featured on Algerian national TV in morning show on Canal Algérie as well as in major news across several TV stations. Just a Must’s director Vanda Butkovic and producer Berislav Juraic also gave a full-page interview for the most read daily newspaper Liberté.

Further collaboration with Algerian artists is being planned for 2015 and Sports Play will continue to tour internationally in 2014.