World premiere

Available for national and international touring

A one man science-fiction epic.

DEFRAG_ spins a tender story of lost love and artificial intelligence into a global fable spanning the collapse of civilisation. Part existentialist TED talk, part unlikely romance, DEFRAG_ is an ambitious and humane work of metaphysical theatre.

The writer and performer plays a damaged soul attempting to back up and recover the fragments of his life. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a digital archive system called Madeleine begins to develop a mind of her own and things take a turn for the altogether stranger.

DEFRAG_ develops into an absurd dialogue between Lyall and an offstage, computer-synthesised voice reminiscent of the iPhone’s Siri, who nurses, instructs and flirts with him, ultimately guiding him to a moving moment of self-realisation.

Tom Lyall is a London-based writer and performer who has been a key creative contributor to some of the most exciting independent theatre of recent years. He is an associate artist of Shunt (completing 300 performances of his acrobatic turn in their show Money) and long-time collaborator with Chris Goode (performing in ...Sisters, Longwave, Escapology and Napoleon in Exile, amongst others).

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