a contemporary hip-hop new circus performance

What is left on the other side? Memories? Words? Images? Sounds? Everything and nothing? How do we collect the fragments of a lost life?

Today, we are all immigrants. By abandoning the place where we grew, we find ourselves immersed in the turbulence of events that cannot be described.

A cruel reality pushes us to leave. Our hearts and our souls are harragas too. We aspire to 
escape and we recollect what is destroyed, what is broken inside us all the while trying to find the crumbs of a life that has been taken from us.

Who are these "harragas” ? The beings without voice, the people that you and I see every day, the reflections of ourselves. Abandoned, forgotten, disengaged, rejected. As many adjectives as names. All they need to live happily is to be loved, to be understood, the liberty to express their joy as well as their anger. But is too much to ask?

“I had no access card, no visa to enter 
this country like no other
being a part of my country… »

Soleïman Adel Guémar, Club des pins

El-Harrag (or literally the one who burns the papers) was constructed from the series of interviews with the real harragas who have (or have not) succeeded in their adventure. Their stories form the background images for this innovative performance that used the new technologies in creating scenic landscapes.

First version of this creation was presented at the Panafrican cultural festival in July 2009 in Algiers. In October 2009, the Company REZ from Croatia came to Annaba for a month long residency at the French cultural centre in Annaba to finalise the show with Compagnie Vent de Sable. This work was supported by Just a Must from the UK. The creation was the result of a two-year collaboration between the companies. The effort put by the three companies resulted in this first cultural project between Algeria and Croatia. It is also the first dance project that used wii remote technology in creating scenic landscapes.

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