deadatlast1by Werner Schwab
translated by Meredith Oakes
directed by Vanda Butkovic
designed by Simon Donger
dramaturgy by Diana Damian Martin
produced by Berislav Juraic

English language premiere

Available for national and international touring in 2015 and 2016

Werner Schwab’s final work, also known as a theatre-extinction comedy, is a brutal, irreverent and bizarrely comical piece about what happens when an emerging stage production is sabotaged by outsiders. Following a dispute with the cast, the director replaces all the actors with pensioners from a nearby home for the elderly. At first compliant and polite, the ‘forgotten and dispossessed’ gradually start to question the director’s authority, leading to a ‘coup d’état’ where the theatre’s cleaning lady is selected as the group’s leader. Not everybody survives the new order.

Werner Schwab was only 35 years old when he was found dead in his room following a New Year’s Eve drinking spree in 1994. He was, at the time, the undisputed star of German-speaking theatre who effortlessly rose to fame for his unique talent with language and his darkly humorous, confrontational narratives. In only four years, he completed fifteen plays with Dead at Last, At Last No More Air (Endlich tot, endlich keine luft mehr) being his last. Marking two decades since the playwright’s death, Just a Must presents the English language premiere of this forgotten masterpiece. 

"Both the content and the form made for a two hour assault on the mind of any willing audience member, but it was delivered so well with such an interesting take on the deconstruction of theatre that you'd be hard-pressed not to have spent the next twenty four hours revelling in its marvel." Bethan Troakes, Broadway Baby

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